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Sunday 10th Sept 2017

AAA North Champions 2017

The Liverpool Trojans are crowned Kings of the North with a emphatic 19 -0 win over the Hull Scorpions to take the AAA Northern Championship for a second year running.

Martin Godsall took the win helped by some great defensive work from a solid Trojans team, under the leadership of team manager Ian Blease.

Game Report to follow..

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Photo Credits: Rob Alger


Liverpool Trojans

AAA Nothern Division

2017 Regular Season Fixtures

Liverpool Twojans

AA Northern Division

Regular Season Fixtures 2017

Sunday 14th May 2017

Liverpool Twojans 10 - 8 County Durham Spartans

Game 1

Twojans Win Thanks to Grand Slam

The first game of the double header turned out to be a close game all the way till the end, as both starting pitchers kept their teams in the game the whole way, and plenty of clean plays in the field.   In the first inning the Twojans were able to squeak out a run as Scott Gray lead off the game by being hit by the pitch, and getting around the base paths to score on a wild pitch.  In the top of the inning, the Twojans sent Jeff Ocenasek to the mound as the starting pitcher.  The Spartans were able to plate two runs after two walked batters were able to come across after some ground outs and a wild pitch. The score stood at 2 – 1 Spartans.

Heading into the top of the second, Liam Harris was able to single to start the inning, get to second, advanced to third on a sacrifice, and then later score before the inning was out.  That was all the Twojans would get across in the inning.  In the bottom half of the inning, Ocenasek responded by getting the Spartans in order going down one-two-three and the score stood at a 2-2 tie.

At the top of the third inning the Spartan pitcher retired the side without the Twojans able to score any runs.  Once again Ocenasek responded to the challenge by doing the same and not allowing the Spartans to score any runs in the inning. The highlight of the inning occurred after Ocenasek walked a batter, threw the ball over to first baseman Liam Harris after the walk.  The runner, unawares that Harris was holding the ball, stepped off the bag and was tagged out.  The game stood at a 2-2 tie in a tight game.

The fourth inning saw the Twojans fight for some runs, as the inning started off with back to back doubles by Harris and Chris Pittard to bring in a run.  Ocenasek singled to put runners at first and third, and Harris was able to score on a passed ball.  That was all the damage the Twojans could inflict in the frame as the Spartans came up to bat.  In the bottom of the inning, once again Ocenasek was able retire the side in order and the Twojans now lead 4-2.

The top of the fifth saw the Twojans continue to battle for runs, as James Hobson drew a walk and stole second.   Pittard then singled which moved Hobson to third.  Harris then singled in Hobson while Pittard was tagged out rounding second. Tommy Orton then singled which put runners on first and second. Ocenasek then helped himself out by singling in another run.  That was all the Twojans would bring in for the inning and at the top of the fifth saw the Spartans respond back.

The Spartans lead off the bottom of the inning with a walk, a single, then a pop up.  With one out the next batter hit a pop fly to right that should have been caught, however the right fielder tripped over himself as he was under it causing two runs to score.  The next batter grounded out and the inning should have been over, however the Spartans made the Twojans pay even more for the mistake in the field by singling and doubling in that order to bring in two more, and adding one more with a steal and wild pitch. The three runs that would score after the trip up in the outfield ended up being costly putting the Twojans behind with the score now standing at 8-6 Spartans.

The sixth inning saw the Twojans unable to score any runs, and the bottom of the sixth saw the Twojans bring on Chris Pittard in to relieve for Ocenasek.  Pittard responded by retiring the side without the Spartans able to score any runs, and the game went to the seventh inning with the score remaining 8-6 Spartans.

The close and dramatic game continued with the excitement in the seventh, with the Twojans refusing to give in.  Orton started off the inning with a single, followed by Ocenasek who also singled.  Then Brett Czokomodiak walked to load the bases.  After a pop up catcher Scott Gray came up to the plate.  Gray responded big time by hitting a laser beam shot over the left field fence for a grand slam to put the Twojans ahead 10-8.  That was all the Twojans scored in the inning but the momentum was not on their side, they just needed to hold the Spartans in the bottom of the inning.  Pittard was still in the game in relief and responded to the challenge by once again retiring the side without the Spartans able to plate any runs and the Twojans were able to win in dramatic fashion with a 10-8 final score.

Ocenasek took a no decision despite his performance, throwing 103 pitches with 5 hits, 5 strike outs, and 4 walks allowing 4 earned runs. Pittard got the win in relief (3-2), threw 28 pitches, with 2 hits, 1 strike out, and 1 walks allowing 0 earned runs. Gray was the star at the pate, going 3-4 with 4 RBI’s and a Grand Slam, Harris went 3-4 with 2 RBIs, Pittard 3-4, and Ocenasek 3-3 with an RBI.

Game Report: Jeff Ocenasek


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